Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery In London
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The Maxillofacial Clinic

Specialist care delivered with integrity

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Maintaining specialist care is vital

We remain open to treat patients throughout the pandemic

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Exceptional highly professional service. Was very happy with quality of treatment and aftercare. The clinic was modern and very well organised. Highly recommend.

Aston, UK

Professor Shakib was kind and caring. A great doctor and a nice person. His compassion and genuine interest in his patients shows.....WONDERFUL surgeon. Fabulous surgeon who was clearly destined to be a doctor.

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Oral health is critical to life. The ability to eat, breathe and talk are vital to our basic function and everyday lives. Our oral & maxillofacial consultants are able to treat all oral and facial problems, from trauma, long term pain or disfunction, as well as treat disease, lesions, cysts, or other growths. Our Harley Street clinic exists to ensure oral & maxillofacial patients can access everything they need under one roof. Practical facilities and highly developed, multi disciplinary skills.

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