Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery In London
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Welcome to The Harley Street Maxillofacial Clinic

Specialist care delivered with integrity

Combined Skills

Maxillofacial care provides a bridge between medicine and dentistry. A unique field, where patients receive support for areas of their body which are vital to health and visible to the world. Seeking the finest treatment makes sense, led by expert diagnosis. Our consultants provide both, in a way which is open, honest and tailored to the person they are treating.

Oral treatment room

Oral conditions

From personal consultation, to state of the art facilities, our London maxillofacial clinic supports all oral needs. This can involve complex reconstructive surgery, or the removal of oral lesions, or salivary gland problems. Each are vital to the patient and to us, any issue affecting the mouth, jaw, or neck will receive exceptional care.
Surgeon carrying out facial surgery

Facial surgery

Our maxillofacial clinic is staffed by renowned surgeons, who focus entirely on facial surgery. In house diagnostic, radiology and day surgery facilities cover most needs, admission rights at nearby private hospitals are there for longer stays. Across every approach to treatment, painless, minimal access surgery leads the way:
Paediatric patient with nurse

Paediatric Care

Supporting the wellbeing of a child is an instinct we all share, not least where medical care should safeguard them. Maxillofacial consultants with thorough paediatric knowledge are available to support you and your child. From trauma, to understanding orofacial growth and genetic conditions, they can help to build the future.
Markings for jaw surgery

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Misalignment of one, or both parts of your jaw is not rare, through natural development, or trauma. Surgery may be the best way to correct this and often brings life changing benefits, an area our Harley Street clinic specialises in. From detailed assessment, to treatment, our consultants will guide you through every detail.
Dental surgeon in theatre

Orthodontics & Implants

Maxillofacial treatment can involve dental and surgical specialists working as a team, to ensure patients receive suitable, multi disciplinary care. Others come to us solely for high grade implants, or to help nature straighten their teeth and achieve the fine smile they deserve. Read about the tailored support we provide.
Team at Harley Street Maxillofacial

A Dedicated Team

A wish to support patients is the reason every member of our Harley Street team comes to work. The treatment they provide is inspired by world class consultants, each leaders in their fields of oral or maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics and other specialised areas, such as orthognathic jaw surgery.

Dr . Shakib is a great doctor and an extraordinary human being, always ready to go an extra mile for his patients, always ready to help. We deeply thank him for his support in treating my sister.

Alina Vaduva