Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery In London
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Treating Oral Conditions

An Essential Field

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The ability to eat provides energy, nutrients, our body’s building blocks. We also need to breathe and to talk, humans are social beings.

Oral health is critical to life, as is oral & maxillofacial care. Consultants can treat trauma damage, long term pain, or disfunction, deal with lesions, cysts, or other growths and unwanted diseases.

Alongside diagnosis, or treatment on a range of oral conditions, they need to strike a careful balance between function and appearance. Our face is often seen as a reflection of us.

A return to health is the key but considering psychological needs and understanding the person you are treating are part of good medical care.

Personal Diagnosis

Our London clinic is well equipped for oral evaluation, in terms of imaging, microscopy, examination facilities. The specialists we work with on blood, allergen, or tissue analysis provide a state of the art service.

The task of our consultants still begins with understanding you. Getting to know your medical history, how you feel about the condition you have and how this is affecting the way you live.

An approach which also helps bring out subtle symptoms that could be missed. Supporting the clinical information and expertise of your consultant, to take diagnosis forward to treatment.

Complete Oral Treatment

Our Harley Street clinic exists to ensure patients requiring oral care can access everything they need under one roof. Practical facilities and highly developed, multi disciplinary skills.

Treating issues such as ulcers, oral lesions, or infections can be important. Along with the ability to rebuild hard, or soft tissues, or to restore key functions, such as your salivary glands to good order.

Long term facial pain can be a blight on life and deserves full support, whether this is of known origin, such as trigeminal neuralgia, or more subtle in origin.

Where skin, or oral cancers may be part of an issue, the techniques are in place to assist. From surgery, or radiotherapy in our day unit, to care in leading London hospitals we work with.

Dental problems can lay at the root of oral conditions, or a need for jaw surgery and having expert support on site matters. Part of being able to carry out a treatment plan in a coordinated, effective way.

Meeting Shared Aims

Our face, neck and oral cavity are complex parts of our body, able to cause more personal distress and functional problems than most others.

Each member of our staff understands this and is dedicated to seeing our patients enjoy their lives again. Whether we are treating an isolated issue, or a multi faceted condition, the same ethos applies.

Exceptional care and the facilities you need will be there to support you. You are welcome to talk to our friendly team at any time.