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Oral & Facial Cancer Treatment

Acting Promptly

Cancers of the mouth and face have become as common as better recognised types, such as cervical cancer. They arise in different forms, with squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) the most prevalent.

SCC is often seen in the oral mucosa, the lip, or increasingly in the tongue. Rarer conditions can arise in the salivary, or lymph glands, or in bone, muscle and other tissue.

There is greater variation on the face itself, as with any area of skin exposed to the sun. Conditions can range from actinic keratosis, a pre-cancerous condition, through to more serious melanoma.

The key to successful treatment for all oral, or facial cancers is accurate diagnosis, at the earliest possible stage. The long term survival rate for stage one melanoma is now almost 100%, by stage four this drops below 20%.

Accurate Diagnosis

An experienced oral and maxillofacial consultant at our Harley Street clinic will carry out a detailed physical examination. They discuss your personal and family medical history, how you feel about your condition.

The latest technology, for imaging, or microscopic evaluation can be used. This may avoid the need for a biopsy, which would in any event be taken with care.

A specialist’s experience in visually analysing cancers is the leading factor, although scientific back up should be used to aid their view.

Diagnosis extends beyond what can be seen on your face, or within your mouth. Establishing whether deeper tissues have been affected is key to creating the right treatment plan for you.

Targeted Treatment

Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or genetically engineered materials can play a part in oral and facial cancer treatment, although surgery is often the most effective approach.

The precise form of surgery, or whether treatment is multi faceted, will depend on the type of cancer you have, how far this has progressed, your health and other individual factors.

At all times you will be under the care of a specialist who understands aesthetic needs and reconstruction, alongside the special requirements of cancer treatment.

Treatment at our London clinic takes a supportive, partnership approach, aimed at your condition, symptoms and wishes. Part of a shared objective, to see you cancer free, with minimal intervention.

Support At Harley Street

Care will be managed by the consultant you get to know. They are experienced oral & maxillofacial surgeons and can call on our multidisciplinary team, allowing us to offer wide support.

Almost every aspect can be provided in house, including at our day surgery unit. If a hospital stay is required, this will be at a choice of leading private hospitals in London.

We understand the concerns oral, or facial cancers can bring to our patients. That prognosis may be worrying and the effect surgery can have when the condition is deep rooted.

Fine treatment is provided for your condition and expert restorative surgery to meet aesthetic needs. By all means arrange to see a consultant if you have concerns, they will listen and help.