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About Harley Street Maxillofacial

A Welcoming Environment

Entrance at 107 Harley Street

Our premises reflect the tradition which matters to us and our patients, although their care matters far more. Creating dedicated services for them took us to the building you see, at 107 Harley Street.

After almost a decade in Harley Street, we moved to 107 in 2020. To spaces designed for oral and maxillofacial needs, offering state of the art, world class care.

Our Facilities

The best treatment comes from accurate diagnosis, relaxing consultation facilities, modern imaging and scientific analysis were priorities. The latest equipment for patient support is also installed in day surgery rooms.

We have admission rights at the Wellington Hospital and at St John & Elizabeth for longer term treatment but much of the care we provide does not require a hospital stay.

This leaves us in control of appointments and treatment schedules, helpful to our busy patients. They can also be assured of the finest equipment and staff who are entirely comfortable with this.

A Committed Team

You are welcome to see further information on our team of consultants. Leaders in their field in oral, or maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics and highly specialised areas, such as orthognathic jaw surgery.

To build a first rate clinic, nursing and other support staff must operate to the same standard. An aspect we devote time to, with a careful selection process.

In return, we have a team who believe in excellence, show unending commitment to their patients and loyalty to our clinic. Staff changes are a rare event.

None of us rest on our laurels, ongoing professional development is essential and encouraged. The continuity we enjoy is still a pleasure and contributes to a high level of patient care.

Each Patient Matters

Our consultants share knowledge with colleagues and through the media, yet are as dedicated to their patients as they are to their field of medicine.

People come to us for a single dental implant, the removal of a lesion, or significant facial surgery, our ethos of full support remains the same.

Part of our reason for opening Harley Street Maxillofacial was to ensure this happens. Whilst treatment may vary, this will always be important to the person concerned.

We treat adults of all ages and offer children’s maxillofacial care, from a difficult tooth, to complete facial reconstruction. All patients seeking specialist support are made welcome.

Each should receive the personal care they wish for and their condition requires. Time, cost, ease, or difficulty of treatment should not be factors.

Dedication to patients means all patients, from time to talk through your needs, to straightforward, or complex support. We love working at our clinic because of this and because of the results individual care brings.