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Our Cone Beam CT Scanner

An In House 3D View

Cone beam scanner

Having a modern scanner at our clinic makes a difference to patient care. No requirement for a separate appointment elsewhere, diagnosis and treatment are quicker, consultants see finite detail whilst their patient is with them.

The cone beam CT scanner we use is designed for studying the maxillofacial region, producing in depth, 3D images, rather than flat, 2D standard x-rays. An advantage for diagnosis and treatment planning.

For oral conditions, or complex dental work, a three dimensional view matters. The images show a range of tissues, far more than just a skeletal view.

The scanner could come into play to evaluate bone structure in your jaw, make good decisions on implant placement, or a wide range of anatomical assessment.

Safety & Convenience

As in a standard CT scan, a cone beam scanner uses x-rays but at 10% to 20% of the dose, depending on needs. Time within the scanner whilst operational is quite brief.

Whilst consideration should always be given to exposure, particularly for children, a reduced dose is a safety advantage.

As the scanner rotates around you, the images gathered are quickly processed into 3D visualisations. Positioning you takes just minutes, the scans themselves seconds and complete images are produced in a few more minutes.

Scanning is entirely painless, no medical aftercare is needed, you will be able to eat, drink and carry on with your day as you wish. At the same time, your consultant has immediately available information on your condition.

You are welcome to see further information on our scanner’s technical performance and a video example of the views this can provide.

Medical Advantages

As research shows, a cone beam CT scanner is ideally suited to the specialties our Harley Street clinic offers. To help in diagnosing jaw tumours, joint disorders, see inside sinus, or nasal cavities, or analyse dental requirements.

Soft tissue and bone can be looked at simultaneously, giving your consultant the detail they need for diagnosis, treatment, surgical, or restorative planning.

In depth images can also give you a better understanding of what is happening in your own body, a view that a mirror, or microscope could never provide.

The images help form a basis for the consultation you came for. A first step in dealing with issues, restoring your health, the reason our clinic and staff are here, supported by state of the art technology.

The scanner is available to all departments and if using this makes sense for your needs, a complete explanation of procedure will be given. You are welcome to get in touch, if you have any questions on how 3D scans help.