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Meeting Children's Needs

As a specialist centre, our dental support for younger visitors may be orthodontic, or part of maxillofacial treatment. Understanding our patients unique needs and ensuring safe care is essential for both.

In depth knowledge of a child’s medical history matters, from aspects such as past bleeding disorders, or cardiac issues, to allergies, or asthma. We naturally liaise with parents, guardians and other medical professionals.

Knowledge of previous exposure to anesthesia can be part of selecting a suitable anesthetic technique. Whether or not this applies, we try to ensure comfort and natural acceptance of the procedure, not least with younger children.

Most dental and maxillofacial treatment can be carried out in our child friendly day unit, with adults welcome to sit in. If a hospital visit is required, we have rights at leading London private hospitals, where parents can stay over.

Approach To Treatment

Good treatment starts with insightful diagnosis, through the skills of experienced specialists and by listening to patients of all ages, or those supporting them.

The best imaging equipment can also make a difference, care should be taken when imaging younger facial areas, or teeth. Complete understanding of development in their facial anatomy brings accurate diagnosis and planning.

A child’s teeth can be unerupted or impacted, ankylosis is not uncommon, where teeth fuse to the alveolar bone they sit in. Part of the jaw area which needs to be analysed, for the effect on other teeth and wider health aspects.

Ankylosis can arise from infection, which is quite common in children. Identifying paediatric infections is essential to good treatment, they can develop rapidly, perhaps within the jaw, which is more porous than in adults.

A young person’s jaw may also harbour unseen adult teeth, or wisdom teeth (third molars) in adolescents. Understanding the way they are likely to progress is key to treatment, tooth development rate increases as we grow.

Management impacted, or unexposed teeth can call for interdisciplinary treatment, between orthodontist and maxillofacial surgeon. The same for supernumerary (extra) teeth, or an absence of teeth, neither are unusual in childhood.

The combined skills from two disciplines help prevent ongoing issues, such as cyst growth, or reabsorption of tooth roots into the jaw. Part of ensuring the normal dental and facial development we wish to see in all our patients.

Care At Harley Street

A fine smile from our London orthodontics clinic may be your aim and can be handled entirely by the specialist there. Knowing that wider skills are available in house is still valuable for more complex needs.

Children benefit from receiving a complete diagnosis and all their treatment in an environment they have come to trust. Our paediatric maxillofacial consultants are there when you need them, in a practice built on team work.

All of our staff devote their time and knowledge to give the finest support. Care for people of all ages is important but we recognise that a child has their life ahead of them.

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