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Choosing An Oral Surgeon

Seeking Out Skills

Oral surgery at our London clinic, including implants and reconstruction, is always carried out by maxillofacial & oral surgeons. They include Professor Kaveh Shakib, one of the UK’s leading consultants.

We believe the depth of medical understanding dedicated skills bring is critical to high quality treatment. Dentistry is about more than your teeth.

Considering wider views still makes sense for patients. Technology has seen advanced treatment grow in volume over recent years, attracting oversight from legislative and professional bodies.

Established Opinion

The Association of Consultants & Specialists In Restorative Dentistry are clear. Stating that remedial options today are of a multidisciplinary nature, making a consultant’s role essential.

Parliament took a close look at implants and other areas, through written evidence and debate. They were supported by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) Faculty of Dental Surgery and made key recommendations:

  • Patients must be informed about risks, the range of treatment options available and ongoing support where required.
  • Skilled periodontal checks are vital to ensure that problems are detected which may threaten the stability of implants.
  • The GDC should improve peri-implant assessment education, at undergraduate level and amongst the dental community.
  • Training for complex dental treatment should ensure patients will be treated by a suitably qualified professional.
  • The Law Commission’s proposals on specialisms should be supported. Specialist should mean what people would expect.

The legislative view is that professionalism matters, for patient safety and to ensure their treatment brings the outcome they seek.

The RCS summarised the overall need on quality of care. Restorative dentistry, prosthodontics, implants, oral surgery and periodontics requires providers to have the necessary validated and robust training.

Similar views exist in internationally recognised research. An NCBI paper on evidence based dentistry & oral surgery stated that essential knowledge derives from clinical expertise and good surgical procedures.

Whilst most dental professionals will try to offer the best care, there is a clear view that specialist skills matter. For treatment and for your individual needs.

Personal Support

Each of us have a unique dental profile, different lives, or health needs. Timing to suit a patient can matter, sedation needs vary, or the level of post extraction care prior to restoration work.

Existing conditions can influence decisions, such as for patients with natural, or medication induced osteoporosis. Your jaw pathology should be understood, from cysts to be dealt with, to structural issues.

Decisions on oral surgery, or restorative dentistry require great care and tailoring to personal requirements. This is more likely to happen if the person treating you has in depth clinical knowledge.

The Maxillofacial Accord

In established nations across the globe, there is a recognition that oral surgery is both dental and medical. This is why maxillofacial consultants are required to be qualified in medicine and dentistry.

A dentist may be able to offer valuable help and core elements of surgery. They will not however have spent 20 years reaching dual consultant standard and gained much experience along the way.

We would be pleased if you call, or visit us to discuss your needs, although the key is to find good support wherever you are. Most restorative treatment is a once in a lifetime event and deserves the best care.