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Personal Orthodontic Care

The smile you achieve through effective orthodontics should match your wishes, build confidence and contribute to your dental health.

Our personal orthodontic solutions can achieve this, because we understand that your teeth are as unique as your fingerprints. Treatment decisions need to involve you, through high level professional consultation, to offer a range of options.

You are welcome to see more detail on our orthodontics website, or read below for a summary of the treatment and facilities we offer.

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Diagnosis / Assessment


State Of The Art Braces

There can be times when normal, fixed braces are the best solution. They have advanced over recent years, through memory wire technology, a range of colours and adaptability. An option be considered alongside other choices:

Clarity Ceramic Brackets are a good example of advanced, wired braces. Offering great aesthetics, wearability and success.

Translucent brackets which are small yet strong, blend with the natural colour of your teeth. Bonding and debonding are easily manageable, the dome shaped bracket design helps with patient comfort.

Invisalign Clear Braces offer an aesthetically pleasing and convenient option for crowded, or protruding front teeth.

Apart from being almost invisible, they are removable, useful for hygiene and lifestyle choices. They are comfortable and work quite quickly, you can even download an app to chart your progress.

Incognito lingual braces are created using the latest technology and fitted behind your teeth, no one knows they are there.

They will be customised to the shape of your teeth and personal requirements. They tend to bring the change you want in a relatively short time frame and are comfortable to wear.

An Holistic Approach

Your wish and ours is to achieve a fine, natural smile. From complex cases, to realigning the variation nature gave you, the task of your orthodontist is to provide an all round solution.

One of the types of braces mentioned above may be the perfect choice, or a different system. We are not tied to particular providers and simply offer the best approach for your case.

This will include how you feel about braces, a detailed understanding of your oral health and looking to the future. Good orthodontic treatment should last, hopefully a lifetime.

Our Orthodontic Facilities

We are a leading London orthodontist mainly because we care, want to build relationships with our patients, share in their concerns and give them the treatment they wish for.

Our dedicated orthodontic facility still matters, a safe environment, with the latest, specialist equipment. For younger patients, the room can accommodate them and their family members.

Choice of treatment will be open and solely based on your needs. At your initial consultation and any further appointments, discussion, questions, sharing, are part of the ethos.

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Any questions? Please get in touch on 020 7935 8627 or make an appointment. We’re here to help.

Working with you

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Well equipped clinic, professional staff and excellent service. Professor has the lightest hands, that I experienced so far in this industry. I underwent two procedures, pain and complication free. Clinic might not be the cheapest one, but when it comes to health, I would prioritize quality over price, at any time. Strongly recommended!

Pavle Zivkovic
5 stars