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Periodontal Treatment & Surgery

A Wide Ranging Disease

As the video suggests, your oral health offers a window to bodily health. Periodontal disease is a known precursor of other conditions, including diabetes, kidney failure and heart disease.

The periodontal treatment we provide is aimed at curing the disease and by doing so, preserving our patients wider health. Specialist care is needed, for a condition which is all too common.

Periodontitis is amongst the top ten diseases worldwide, caused by bacteria accumulating on our teeth and gums. Apart from wider health issues, gum tissue can pull away from a tooth, bone be lost, teeth become loose.

Effects on the oral region can be significant. The stability of your teeth is at risk, or the durability of past dental work. This is why periodontal care is often tied to dental implants, to offer long term strength.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Detailed understanding of conditions affecting all areas of your periodontium is essential, for effective dental treatment and oral health.

Having treatment at a maxillofacial centre allows you to be seen by a consultant who understands oral diseases. Assessment will be thorough, to provide an accurate view on periodontitis.

Where there is an issue, your consultant may suggest non surgical treatments. Scaling, or root planing can help to smooth the tooth root and remove plaque, or calculus, eliminating bacterial toxins.

Periodontal surgery could be helpful, such as gum grafts to deal with an uneven gum line, or exposed roots. Bone regeneration, or grafting techniques can reverse aspects of damage caused by periodontal disease.

Care At Our London Clinic

The periodontium is a complex region of living tissue, from bone structure to tiny fibres. Ensuring this is healthy maintains natural function, to adapt to life’s demands.

Alongside stability, good periodontal health lets your mouth absorb the impact of biting, or chewing, for efficiency and comfort. As importantly, dangers to your overall health are mitigated.

Patients visiting for dental implants often require a little periodontal care but whatever the reason, our maxillofacial consultant will take an overall view of your oral health.

A combination of medical expertise and effective dental treatment lays at the heart of our London clinic. To help with curing present issues and look to the future.

Neither will we forget that treatment should leave you feeling good and feeling safe throughout. By all means talk to our friendly staff about your needs.