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Dental & Facial Reconstruction

A Dedicated Approach

Alongside the specialist dental work our team carry out, we are here to help patients with facial damage, however serious this may be.

Doctors and dentists are thought of as separate. At our maxillofacial clinic, the consultants are highly qualified in dentistry and medicine.

They head our multi disciplinary team, alongside specialists in plastic, or aesthetic surgery, or orthodontics. The combined treatment available ensures that patients can access the support they deserve.

Whether through trauma, accident, or disease, facial damage can be debilitating and worrying. Patients feel reassured by having coordinated services under one roof.

Comprehensive Treatment

Good treatment starts with accurate diagnosis, supported by modern technology, such as our cone beam CT scanner. Your consultant wil have a complete picture of your needs, to formulate a treatment plan.

This will take into account your medical history, current conditions and wishes. Required medical treatment and in depth dental support come together in a tailored way.

The dental specialties we offer play a part in dental reconstruction, from orthodontics, to removal of misaligned teeth and implants. Other elements of facial rebuilding may also be essential:

  • Facial Surgery – Carried out in our own day care facility, or at nearby private hospitals. Our maxillofacial surgeons are able to carry out complex restoration.
  • Oral Surgery – Along with craniofacial surgery, oral surgery can be vital to reconstruction. For the mucosa, vascular conditions, infections, or tissue grafting.
  • Jaw Correction – Often called orthognathic surgery, to solve misalignment, or malfunction of the jaw, which can be essential to eating, speaking and breathing.
  • Skin Cancer – Cancers can be found during assessment, or be a cause of facial damage. Sound diagnosis and treatment are inherent to successful reconstruction.

We hope a brief guide to medical requirements helps. There can be more procedures involved, from bone grafts, to creating good facial proportion. They overlap and our consultants are experienced across disciplines.

Individual Support

Bringing multiple disciplines together minimises room for error, reduces operating time, or a need for revision surgery. A good start for successful treatment, although one more ingredient is needed.

Facial surgery is amongst the most personal medical care available and works by treating patients as individuals. Listening to them, understanding their wishes and how they feel about their treatment.

This principle is applied for all who visit our Harley Street clinic, not least for specialist dental treatment of all forms. If we can help, please get in contact with our friendly, knowledgeable staff.