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As life gets busier again, keeping you safe remains our top priority

Whilst many of us are enjoying the benefits that are slowly coming with the easing of lockdown restrictions (although, if somebody could bring us an extra fluffy jacket whilst we eat outside, please!) it doesn’t mean that we should be relaxing our awareness of COVID just yet.

Although 50% of the country have now received at least their first vaccination, it is important to remember that being vaccinated does not mean you cannot still get coronavirus (it simply means the effects of the virus on you should be more bearable) nor does it mean you cannot still transmit it (you can). Therefore, maintaining our strict approach to infection control that we have had throughout the last year is paramount, in order to keep our staff and our patients healthy, and safe.

Thanks to this hard work, we have been able to remain open to treat all your oral and facial health needs, from wisdom tooth extraction or dental implants, all the way to reconstructive surgery for facial trauma or disfigurement. If you have a health concern that you would like to talk to us about, please do not wait – we are here to get you back to full health and feeling good, while keeping you as safe as ever.

For more information on our COVID safety protocols, what it will be like to come into hospital, or  just for more general information, please call us on: 0207 935 8627 or email info@107harleystreet.co.uk