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Kaveh Shakib speaking on This Morning television show

In the Media

Professor Shakib providing expert input for ITV’s This Morning Show, on a pioneering case of maxillofacial surgery.

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Leading your field and sharing that knowledge with colleagues is helpful. Ensuring the public understand your profession and are reliably informed matters more.

The ITV program in the video is watched by millions, who see what maxillofacial surgeons achieve. National press entries from Professor Shakib spread knowledge, such as a Daily Mail article, explaining the latest skin cancer surgery.

Helping people avoid medical issues is critical. Articles from Professor Shakib in The Times, The Telegraph and live shows on BBC radio have helped. Highlighting the dangers of fake beauty products, or treatments in online videos.

Professor Shakib is pleased to work with the media, to help people avoid harm and be aware of the support available when they have a problem. You are welcome to read more on the individual care he can bring to patients.