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VIP COVID Testing at 107 Harley Street

Our private COVID testing service at 107 Harley Street (accredited for Fit-to-fly, Test to release and return to work purposes) is provided in the highest quality medical facilities, in properly air-changed clinical rooms and carried out only by Consultant Doctors or Band 9 senior nurses. Our tests are routinely express, and any positive results are communicated through a follow-up consultation with a Consultant. Our patients will never be asked to wait outside when coming in for testing, nor will they have to share busy waiting rooms with other patients.

We offer both the PCR test and the Roche Rapid Antigen (lateral flow) test, depending on your needs, and can offer corporate package prices upon request. *Please note only the PCR test is accredited for Fit-to-fly or Test to release purposes.

For more information, please call our friendly reception team on: 0207 935 8627 or email covidtesting@107harleystreet.co.uk