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Mr Ali Amini

Consultant Oral Surgeon GDC no: 85278

Mr Amini has extensive experience of working in the UK and Sweden. He qualified in dentistry at the prestigious Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, before coming to the UK for medical and surgical studies.

Alongside private practice, Mr Amini’s time as a surgeon at the Royal Free Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has seen him treat a range of oral and facial conditions. Care for his patients always his first concern.

Whether treating minor conditions, or extensive facial trauma, Mr Amini believes in listening to his patients, understanding how they feel. The support he offers is focused on individual needs.

This includes a range of oral care, from conditions such as mouth ulcers, or cysts, to salvary gland treatment. Patients seeking treatment for jaw conditions, or fractures are equally welcome.

Mr Amini’s skills are valuable for more complex facial reconstruction, from skin surgery, to rebuilding and remodelling damaged areas. Tailored to treat historic trauma, or symptoms of a more recent accident.

Reconstructive, or wider treatment can naturally incude dental requirements. From dental implants, to removing complex buried roots, impacted teeth, or providing solutions for wisdom tooth issues.

The broad skills of an oral surgeon bring treatment for all facial areas. Combining specialist knowledge of dental, or medical needs, with understanding of the unique systems within our head and neck.

Mr Amini’s personal level of care ensures this is delivered in a supportive way. Your long term health is naturally his first concern, along with feeling you will achieve a good outcome, through shared progress.

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