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Treatment During Coronavirus

Patient being vaccinated

Developing Better Care

Patient safety is the first principle of care, with the health of staff also important. They remain our guiding points on coronavirus and operating procedures, although change over time has been warranted.

Initial reactions to the Covid-19 pandemic focused on control. Restrictions were imposed nationally, physical contact reduced, medical facilites reconfigured for those who were seriously ill.

These were rational moves, although unwanted outcomes were developing in the background. The medical profession realised that access to specialist care was being diminished and this could bring serious harm.

Research has supported the belief. Showing that in the longer term, lockdown of medical facilities could result in more deaths than the virus. As teaching and direct contact reduced, transfer of skills could also lessen.

Redressing The Balance

Vaccination has brought an ability to take a more balanced view. Access to treatment is the primary need for oral and maxillofacial surgery, with rational actions in place to support this.

Sterilisation and decontamination procedures have always gone beyond requirements at our Harley Street clinic. We use the effective “DeconPod” approach and staff are well trained in infection control.

Additional requirements for coronavirus, such as in depth cleaning and disinfection remain in place. The wearing of personal protective equipment where appropriate can continue, along with staff testing.

Those actions add safety but do not reduce availability of treatment. The same applies to improved use of waiting areas and good hand sanitation, part of sound planning without unwanted effect.

Bringing Improved Care

Nobody should think of the dreadful Covid-19 pandemic as a positive, yet a few aspects of ensuing change may benefit patients across the globe.

Increased use of video calls to reduce contact has been stepped back in the UK. The techniques and knowledge this gave us will still help patients in places where access to medical care is a problem.

Knowledge can be shared wherever people are, training improved for doctors in any country. Within the UK, forms of well developed virtual training will stay and benefit the specialists of the future.

As editor for the British Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, our lead consultant, Professor Kaveh Shakib, was involved in e-learning for medical staff. This can continue to add value to healthcare.

Information sharing has risen to a level which will drive us forward beyond the pandemic. Even so, there will always be a need for human interaction in medicine.

Controlled Treatment

As a regulated practice, we continue to follow guidance from national and professional bodies. Our responsibility is to offer treatment in a safe environment.

Every member of our team continues to follow best practice in reducing infection, as we all should. If you currently have coronavirus, or related symptoms, please contact us for advice before booking an appointment.

As an established maxillofacial clinic, we do appreciate that all patients deserve access to the best care and we will always endeavour to offer this.

Contact our clinic to discuss any concerns on Covid-19, or any medical concerns. Our team will offer you a balance of safety and professional support.