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Treatment During Coronavirus

Sterilisation and decontamination procedures have always gone beyond statutory requirements at our Harley Street clinic. We use the effective “DeconPod” approach and staff are well trained in infection control.

The onset of coronavirus brought additional requirements and these are being met with great care. In depth cleaning and disinfection lead the way, along with physical protection for our staff and patients.

All the staff at our clinic are regularly tested for Covid-19, they wear personal protective equipment and follow social distancing rules where possible. Hand sanitiser is provided for all at suitable points.

For a few months, all consultations were by video link, or phone. This may still be appropriate, as part of assessing individual cases and determining the need for treatment, although face to face appointments are available.

Please note that if you currently have coronavirus, or related symptoms, you will not be able to attend but are welcome to contact us for advice.

The key point for us is the one which has always governed our practice, individual care. Once you contact us, the best path to follow in your case can be determined, with your current and long term health the core consideration.

Research & Guidance

As a well regulated practice, we follow guidance from national and professional bodies. In the initial stages of the Covid-19 epidemic, the guidance rationally focused on preventing transmission.

This remains important, although recent research has confirmed concerns which have been voiced for some time. In the longer term, complete lockdown of medical facilities could result in more deaths than the virus itself.

Timely research has taken place on coronavirus, such as the selection in the British Medical Journal. Daily updates from bodies such as the Royal College of Surgeons have added to the thoughts of medical staff.

At the beginning of lockdown, NHS England contracted with private providers, partly to continue other urgent services, although mainly for coronavirus care. Providing specialist care is now equally essential for the future.

Maxillofacial consultants are working with each other internationally and with other disciplines, to create innovative solutions for Covid-19. We are moving forward, as a profession which naturally works together.

Please see more detail, on the views within UK bodies and the input from studies across the globe, focused on balanced patient care.

Controlling Risk

Protection of patients is every clinician’s first concern, yet we must also listen to patients and evidence from research. As a leading maxillofacial clinic we have a responsibility to offer treatment, in a safe environment.

Online options assist, in communication and strategies to take our field forward. Our lead consultant, Professor Kaveh Shakib, is involved in e-learning for medical staff, as editor for the British Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Procedures to prevent Covid-19 transmission must be kept in place and in mind, yet the belief that each patient matters holds equal importance. If urgent treatment is required, they deserve access to the best care.

Please contact our clinic to discuss any medical concerns where we can help, our team will offer a balance of safety and professional support.