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Specialist Paediatric Dentistry

Dedicated Support

Dentist treating child

Our clinic welcomes the work that dentists do to look after the oral health of children. We are here to support them when more specialist treatment is required.

Paediatric maxillofacial dentistry covers impacted teeth, damage through decay, or trauma. A maxillofacial clinic provides wider care, for conditions which affect the face, jaws and teeth.

Whilst we also treat adults, there are unique considerations for children. Treatment needs to build for the future, based on an accurate understanding of their needs.

Individual Assessment

Patients come to us through referral, or by personal choice. Each child will be seen by an experienced maxillofacial consultant, to analyse their requirements and create an individual treatment plan.

Every diagnostic facility is available, such as up to date imaging. The range of in house knowledge and experience is exceptional.

How we approach treatment matters equally. Good care is open care, planning discussed in detail with a child’s family and with them where this makes sense.

There are no limitations on diagnosis, or treatment. Our consultants treat cases of severe facial trauma, often affecting the teeth, yet give the same level of expertise to all dental treatment.

Jaw Care & Orthodontics

Jaw surgery, or treatment extends beyond accidental damage, to build confidence and improve oral health. Eating and speaking are vital to a child’s life, as can be the way they feel about themselves.

We have an advanced orthodontic unit in house and our maxillofacial surgeons often work alongside the orthodontists. To remove difficult teeth, ensure good jaw alignment, or as part of reconstruction.

The rationale for bringing these skills together is straightforward. Coordinated care works well when dealing with younger patients, who should receive focused support to move forward.

Our Harley Street Clinic

Paediatric dental care can appear transient, children’s teeth change. Still far better if that change is understood, planned for and encouraged in the right direction.

Our London clinic offers paediatric maxillofacial treatment, because we believe this is important. Not least the dental aspects, which have an impact on a day to day and lifetime basis.

Evolution has left us with an area which requires care and attention, to protect long term health. At the same time, enjoyment of life improves.

Whether your child needs support due to trauma, a localised dental issue, or to build the future, you are welcome to contact our friendly staff.