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Children's Maxillofacial Treatment

Our consultants understand how important the health of your child is to you. They have a lifetime ahead of them. The latest oral & maxillofacial care can offer solutions to a range of conditions and physiological aspects. Treatment should take into account social integration, from speech, to appearance, to confidence.

Experience of paediatric treatment has also shown us how important expert care is to a child. They have the ability to sense how confident those treating them are, the whole team needs to be able, welcoming and focused.

This makes a greater difference to treatment success rates in children than adults and should be apparent from the first meeting.

Diagnosing The Future

Children are by nature in a rapid stage of orofacial growth, from changing size, to a developing range of motion. A paediatric maxillofacial consultant will go beyond core diagnosis and look to the future.

Understanding individual issues still matters, through their knowledge and state of the art diagnostic equipment. Accurate digital imaging and microscopy are helpful tools for analysing paediatric needs.

Our clinic ensures experience and technology come together, applied to every issue a child has. One wrongly growing tooth can have a significant effect, as can life changing, unforseen accidents.

Childhood Facial Trauma

Our face and related areas are complex, sudden damage can require specialist skill at any age, more so when treatment is about planning for growth.

Management of childhood trauma to the face, jaws, or teeth is a dedicated field and one we focus on. Helping to ensure that accidents may not be life changing, by restoring lasting normality.

The breadth of issues we see in this field are beyond listing, yet have shared principles. Evident damage will cause worry, to children and their families but modern medical, or surgical techniques can achieve so much.

A skilled consultant maxillofacial surgeon can rebuild through microsurgery, tissue grafting and their vision. From a specific area of the face, to widespread trauma.

Complete Paediatric Care

Whilst trauma can be evident, other medical conditions are prevalent in children. Amongst them are problems with the frenum, a mucous membrane which attaches the lip and cheek to the oral mucosa, controlling growth, or function.

A condition known as tongue tie (ankyloglossia) is common, where the lingual frenulum is short, or fused to the floor of the mouth. Other areas can have frenal abnormalities, perhaps in the centre of the gums above a child’s teeth.

These issues can be cured by surgery which is often not too dramatic, yet the results are. Speech, taste and other oral functions see immense change.

Our London clinic also treats children and teenagers with head, or neck tumours, lesions, infections. Treatment for jaw abnormalities is available, along with a range of care covering paediatric dental needs.

Our Harley Street Clinic

Children’s maxillofacial treatment is at the heart of what we do. For conditions mentioned above and more, we make sure your child is diagnosed and treated by a leading specialist, who cares about their patients.

Our London clinic is child friendly and we hope, child inspiring. Everyone they meet will bring confidence, alongside working towards the results a child and those supporting them wish to see.

Spacious treatment and surgical rooms allow parents, or other family members to sit in on treatment. Everyone is kept informed at all stages, clear communication counts for much.

Above all, our staff want to see children have an enjoyable life, unhindered by medical issues. You are welcome to get in touch at any time.