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Patient Confidentiality

Alongside offering the best treatment possible, a medical practitioner has a duty to preserve patient confidentiality. A duty we take seriously, part of feeling safe when seeking care.

As far as the law and urgent treatment allow, we will protect your medical information, unless you have agreed for this to be shared.

Whether during distant contact, such as in emails, or telephone calls, or when meeting in person, your wishes on confidentiality are observed. Equal care is always given to your personal data.

Regulation & Your Rights

The Data Protection Act 1998 remains in force and protection increased in May 2018, via EU wide, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This gives individuals more choice and control over how personal data is used, along with greater fairness and transparency.

The focus of regulation is on complex data gathering organisations, personal profiling and consent. Whilst we only gather data as part of an open, medical process, keeping in line with regulation still makes sense.

The data controller for information collected via this website is Shakib & Neale Ltd, whose registered office and address for communication is 107 Harley Street, London, W1G 6AL.

Our lawful basis for processing your data is legitimate interest in meeting client requests, where potential clients freely provided their data. This is retained as long as needed and may be kept on record for future care.

You should be aware of your rights under GDPR:

  • To know what information is collected and how – In this case supplied by you, via a form, or email.
  • To understand how your data is used – Our clinic only use your personal data for medical reasons.
  • To access your data and have this corrected, or deleted – We are happy to comply well within the month allowed.
  • To know if your data will be shared – Other than internally, we may share data with medical services.
  • To be aware of unknown, or untoward effects – More applicable to social, or ad data, we knowingly cause no ill effect.
  • Not to be subject to automated decision making, or profiling – Again, more ad, or social network related.

If you have any queries on GDPR compliance, please contact us. You also have a right at any time to raise concerns with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) about the way your data is being managed.

Personal Data Policy

Beyond legislation, a key aspect of protecting personal information is understanding why you are collecting this and identifying what is necessary:

  • Before, or at the time of collecting information, we identify the purposes of collection.
  • Information will be collected solely to fulfil these purposes, or for related objectives.
  • We only retain information as long as necessary, for the fulfillment of these purposes.
  • Every effort is made to ensure data remains relevant, accurate, complete and up to date.
  • Information is never shared for commercial reasons, only to facilitate medical objectives.
  • Data will be protected by reasonable security safeguards, against loss, theft, or unwanted access.
  • Data is collected by lawful, fair means and whenever possible, with the consent of the person concerned.

This approach fits with legislation and our belief that your data is your property, to be used for purposes you would accept.

Website Cookies

The only cookies used on this website are for Google Analytics, a secure service, which does not in any event record personal data. The sole objective is to understand user behaviour and improve the website.

Patient input matters and web data can help the services our clinic offers, along with ensuring required information is available to patients.

On both personal and information privacy, we are committed to the principles above and to the importance of confidentiality. If you have any concerns on these points, please get in touch with us.