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Specialist Dental Treatment

Patient in scanner

Medical & Aesthetic Care

The in house CT scanner you see above gives insight into the structure of your jaw and saves patients needing to travel elsewhere. A helpful start, although specialist dental care requires far more.

Your teeth are a vital part of your anatomy. Apart from the ability to eat, or digest food, they help with speech and communication, the way you smile.

Our clinic deals with complex cases of facial reconstruction, where missing, or misaligned teeth are common. Also issues caused by disease, diet, accidents, or your teeth not growing as you wish.

As a maxillofacial clinic, our consultants are qualified in medicine and dentistry, to support your health. This does not mean aesthetic needs are unimportant.

Alongside oral and facial surgery, we offer orthodontics, implants and periodontal treatment. Dedicated services, which help to establish perfect function and a natural appearance.

Orthodontic Treatment

Whether your teeth being out of line is due to damage, or an act of nature, the technology and expertise to straighten them is available.

Our specialist orthodontists can use traditional braces, tailored to the patient. They are also skilled at providing more aesthetic options, such as Clarity ceramic brackets, Invisalign and Incognito lingual braces.

Orthodontics is a constantly evolving specialty and the latest advances are offered to our patients, to achieve the best results.

We believe everyone has a right to a confident smile, whatever their age and however complex their needs. All the time you require for in depth assessment and planned orthodontic treatment will be offered.

Dental Implants

Standard dentures are rarely convenient and fitting dental crowns requires deliberate damage to existing teeth. The days when they were the best solution have gone.

High quality titanium implants are used to replace single, or multiple teeth. They can replace all your teeth, the modern equivalent of dentures but held in place by implants to provide stability and a better bite.

Improving appearance, speech and choice of diet are desirable benefits from implants. They preserve the bone they sit in, fusing with this to maintain stability as a natural tooth would, preventing erosion, or thinning.

Where bone augmentation, or grafting are required for your dental implants, they can be built into the treatment plan. In the same way that dealing with periodontal disease, or any other barrier will be.

Individual Support

The ethos of Harley Street Maxillofacial Clinic is to provide unique care to every patient. Whether you are being supported through dental treatment, or your needs draw in wider medical skills.

Our multi-disciplinary team is led by respected maxillofacial surgeons, able to cover facial reconstruction, jaw surgery, trauma care, microsurgery and far more, alongside important dental needs.

They are part of a team who are used to working together to achieve great results for their patients. Contributing to a lifetime of good dental function and wider health, by meeting your needs.

Additional issues, such as impacted wisdom teeth, or oral disease can be dealt with in one personal treatment plan. To discuss how coordinated care can help you, please get in touch with us at any time.