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Childhood Maxillofacial Conditions

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Young child eating

We can take the simple acts of eating, or breathing for granted, when to enjoy either, our health needs to support them. This is not always the case, at any age.

Maxillofacial conditions we tend to consider as adult can occur in childhood. Oral cysts and tumours are an example, around 10% appear in children under 15.

They are often on the tongue, or jaw. Pre adult jaw abnormalities are increasing, partly from an evolutionary trait which is reducing the size of our mouth.

This can lead to bite issues, or damage to children’s jaw joints, temporomandibular joint disorder is again not just an adult condition.

Dentition can be altered by a range of factors, such as missing, malformed, or unwanted teeth. Primary teeth may stay longer than they should, others be delayed, an irregular tooth profile is not unusual.

Infections can occur, in the jaw, or surrounding tissues, growths come in parts of the head, or neck. A number of maxillofacial conditions can be part of childhood.

They require care in their own right, to bring comfort and beyond this, for prolonged good health, or for natural development. The key is to understand each child’s needs on an individual basis.

In Depth Diagnosis

Many oral conditions originate from dental disorders and this may be the case for children, although there is more at work. Undiagnosed, or delayed developmental issues can be a cause.

There are recognised congenital anomalies, such as Treacher Collins, Crouzon. or Apert syndromes. For most children, craniofacial differences are as subtle and varied as they are, through their unique genome.

A maxillofacial specialist needs to appreciate the precise make up of the child they are supporting. Common conditions may not all have the same origin, complex conditions require careful analysis.

The use of modern imaging techniques and your consultant’s knowledge will help, to define the real origin of a problem and the best path for each patient.

Building The Future

Trust can influence diagnosis, so we ensure consolation at our London clinic goes beyond treatment planning. Information and decisions are shared, time given, belief built in our young patient.

Ongoing parental involvement in treatment is important to us, our team work with a child’s family, their illness is a family concern.

Support from those close to them can be helpful in a child accepting the benefit of the care they receive and in speeding up their recovery.

Treatment At Our London Clinic

We provide a range of specialists in house, including an orthodontist where helpful. Consultation and ongoing care will in most cases be from a leading maxillofacial consultant, experienced in paediatric treatment.

Where surgical intervention is required, this can often be in our day care facility. Continuity of treatment helps to maintain a child’s confidence and aspects such as anesthesia for children are well managed.

High level skills and safety procedures matter, alongside the way they are provided. Every member of our staff wishes to give a child the care they need. If we can help in any way, please get in touch.