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Childhood Facial Trauma

Individual Support

Child undergoing facial scan

The scanning facilities at our London clinic avoid travel, where a deeper picture of facial trauma is needed. As importantly, they help to provide prompt diagnosis and treatment.

This is focused on the phase of growth a child is in. Children have anatomical and physiological differences from adults, which vary again at different ages.

The same applies to individual emotional, or behavioural patterns. Part of the personality of each child, which should influence the approach in taking forward steps.

Looking To The Future

Treating childhood facial trauma is successful when psychological and physical development are at the heart of decisions, for complex trauma and common issues.

Nose fractures are a prevalent childhood injury. As with other paediatric fractures, elasticity of the bone and quick healing can make them seem minor, they may be but not always.

Asymmetry in looks, or ideal breathing might not come from natural healing. Airway obstruction is a key concern in childhood trauma, apart from an active life, this can affect cognitive development.

Jaw injuries are the next most common problem, especially in older children. The pattern of injuries tends to differ from adults and can brings implications for dental development.

Accurate Assessment

Comprehensive diagnosis relies on skill and technology, from imaging to medical modelling. A maxillofacial consultant is qualified in medicine and dentistry, so considers both.

Facial surgeons need to understand the impact of trauma on developing bone structure and dentition. They naturally treat the injury, whilst thinking a few years ahead, or decades ahead.

Our faces are our gateway to the world and a path for all the body needs. Understanding the multi faceted impact an injury can have is the key to effective treatment.

Treatment At Our Clinic

Childhood trauma patients are seen by a leading maxillofacial consultant. They are there to provide solutions and understand the level of concern facial injury can bring, for children, or their families.

All the time you need to understand and discuss conditions, or treatment will be available. In depth diagnosis leads to the creation of a detailed treatment plan, which all are involved in.

Every specialist skill required will be part of the plan, normally in house at our London clinic. There are no age barriers to paediatric maxillofacial treatment, infants, children, or adolescents are made welcome.

However complex, or straightforward injuries are, one ethos is always in place. Children are not just small adults, they need unique care.