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Why Teamwork Counts

The British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery provides valuable insight on the best working methods to assist patients. An independent publication edited by specialists, such as our consultant, Professor Kaveh Shakib.

Amongst articles on the topic, this one on good teamwork stands out. As with other research by bodies such as the Royal College of Surgeons, they highlight the importance of being free to challenge hierarchy.

All good medical staff would agree, open, accurate communication enhances patient safety. The views of everyone involved in treatment can also add value, improve care and successful outcomes.

Combining Knowledge

Specialist centres often combine well developed skills. In our case, a team of eight who could be said to be at the top of their profession. An incredible resource but needing to be used in the right way.

There should be no room for hierarchies as such. Everyone has their job to do and specific knowledge to bring, which should always be selected and used to the advantage of our patients.

Sharing knowledge is much more helpful than feeling you should keep this to yourself. Even world leading professionals in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery have knowledge gaps, we all do.

Unexpected circumstances, such as the coronavirus pandemic, also demonstrate how much more effective a response can be through coming together.

Consulting with colleagues who will have come across unique situations, or had particular training makes sense. Whether through active involvement, or discussion, pooling knowledge creates a fine resource.

Our Clinic’s Approach

Many of our consultants have spent twenty years or more learning their profession and this doesn’t stop. Medicine constantly develops, so the skills of those involved must keep pace.

All our staff are encouraged to continue training and to discuss, to share. During treatment, treatment planning, or at any time, the opinions of all are welcomed and respected.

This can help with a variety of aspects, including the need to bring ethical care. Above all, expanded knowledge helps to ensure the best treatment for our patients and the best results.

An environment where all staff are valued brings an additional benefit. Everyone is focused, confident and relaxed, working in a place where staff and patients feel they truly belong.

A good route to encourage and retain the best staff, although the difference seen in the way patients respond to treatment is the greatest pleasure.