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Dental Implants

How Implants Work

Although your treatment may be with a different systems to suit your needs, the video above helps to demonstrate the principle of implants.

We tend to think of implants as the replacement teeth we see, when an implant is a finely engineered titanium screw, surgically fitted to create an artificial root.

The titanium screw fuses with your jawbone in a similar way to a natural root. Implants are a potentially lifetime replacement, designed to replicate nature.

A post (often called an abutment) is added once the implant integrates. A tailored, ceramic crown is then fitted on top, to replace the missing tooth, more than one, or an entire set.

The Value Of Implants

Unlike a dental bridge, adjacent teeth do not have to be “damaged” to provide support. Dental implants will not affect adjacent teeth, except in a positive way, by improving stability in your jawbone.

When a tooth, or teeth are lost, the bone they sat in can erode. With a fused dental implant in place, your jaw bone remains healthier and stable.

Practical advantages are equally important. Comfort and a natural cosmetic appearance, avoiding speech problems, enjoying a varied diet, a better sense of taste due to normal exposure of soft tissue.

Dental implants are a revolution in dentistry, the nearest we can get to matching a tooth’s natural structure and suitable for a wide variety of situations.

Implants In Practice

As a London maxillofacial clinic, we help with complex facial reconstruction, following damage, disease, or accident of birth. Restoring dental function can be part of this and implants play a critical role.

The same level of care and expertise is offered to replace a single tooth, or a small group, missing through a mishap, or decay. Even if many, or all of your teeth have been lost, solutions are available.

Implants can be placed to support dental bridges. A complete, removable denture can be supported by implants, or a screw retained fixed denture, which your dentist will remove at intervals for in depth cleaning.

Diagnosis & Planning

An appointment is arranged with a consultant maxillofacial surgeon, a key part of the implant process. All aspects will be reviewed, including any periodontal care required, part of prevention of peri-implantitis in the future.

This detailed evaluation is the foundation of good dental implants. A full examination, x-rays, CT scans, discussion on your medical history and wishes can all play a part, as will the knowledge and skill of your consultant.

They will be positive, yet realistic. Carefully assessing the condition of bone and whether augmentation, bone grafts, or other reconstruction is required, quite normal with complex dental implants.

Individual medical and lifestyle factors are reviewed, whether they need factoring into plans, or if treatment is needed for other dental conditions.

Our Harley Street clinic treats patients with wide needs, including complex dental implant cases, where medical conditions, or trauma can require specialist support.

Dental implants are a pleasure when the right plan has been followed and carried out with safety in mind. Ensuring safe harbour for the fine quality implants we use.

Dental Implant Treatment

Your treatment can be carried out under local, or general anaesthetic, depending on the your case and wishes. Healing and integration phases during treatment normally mean this happens in stages.

The approach to implants should be planned to match your needs, with a treatment schedule provided following your consultation and evaluation. Good communication and part of dental implant safety.

The process is not too long, your single crown, several crowns, or a full set of teeth are soon in place. Specifically created for you, although final checks for shade and ideal bite are made.

The transformation is remarkable and you will be able to look after your teeth in a quite normal way. Aftercare still makes sense, regular dental visits, as with any teeth.

If you are thinking about dental implants and how they would work for you, get in touch with our London clinic. You will be made welcome, within an ethos which treats every patient as the individual they are.