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Complex Dental Implants

A dental implant case is considered complex when lack of bone prevents safe placement of implants, or aesthetic requirements can not easily be met.

This could arise from genetic conditions, unsuitable dental work, oral cancer surgery, or head, or mouth trauma. Each case will be individual, yet share a common bond of needing specialist care.

Implantology skills are required, perhaps periodontal knowledge, to repair the tissue surrounding and supporting your teeth. In more complex cases, maxillofacial surgery will be an added requirement.

A multi disciplinary approach to planning and treatment is an option and one we use where this is best for our patient. An alternative is one specialist, with high level experience in all required disciplines.

Medical & Dental

Our Harley Street clinic often treats cases which are about more than restorative dentistry. Through trauma, or other reasons, multiple medical issues can exist alongside dental implant needs.

In depth diagnosis is a pre-requisite, based on experience and evidence, to optimise treatment plans and ensure elements are delivered in the right sequence.

A consultant’s eye brings much to decisions, as can the latest technology. Computer tomography is able to add 3D modelling into planning, as well as being useful for monitoring during later stages.

Careful consideration is given to reconstruction materials, or whether nerve function could be impaired, leading to loss of sensitivity, or pain. Suitable time scales are allowed for effective treatment.

Achieving Solutions

There can be implant cases where a quick solution makes sense, to restore immediate function. In most complex cases, this will not suit and we have seen patients where trying the approach led to more issues.

Where true bone reconstruction, or regeneration is required, or the same for other hard, or soft tissues, working with nature and allowing healing time at different stages is vital.

Not compromising on reconstruction of the jaw, or the wider facial area provides a strong base. Healthy, uninflamed hard and soft tissues are the foundation of successful, lasting dental implants.

Sound solutions also require personal support, from a wider team, or one specialist. Professor Kaveh Shakib is resident at our clinic and a good example, a leading maxillofacial surgeon, a skilled implantologist.

Decisions on dental implant treatment and wider support are based on your needs, your wishes and ongoing quality of life. By all means talk to our knowledgeable staff, or request an initial consultation.

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