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Treating Jaw Cysts & Tumours

From Benign To Invasive

Our mouth and jaw are complex structures, built from multiple types of tissue. Combined with the functions they perform, this makes them more liable to cysts and tumours than most parts of our body.

Whilst oral hygiene, alcohol, or tobacco can play a part, genetic factors also come into play. Gorlin Goltz syndrome is an example, where people lack the gene which suppresses tumours, more subtle differences also matter.

Few of us will go through life without some incidence of a growth in our oral cavity. The list of possible types is long, from small, benign cysts, to significant jaw tumours.

Cancerous tumours needs urgent care, such as squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity, which is relatively common. Non cancerous tumours can also grow aggressively and have the potential to become cancerous.

The key is to have any growth examined by a specialist consultant, so they are understood, can be treated correctly and your health preserved.

Individual Diagnosis

Our London clinic treats advanced jaw tumours, however as with most medical conditions, the sooner an issue is found the better.

Oral biopsies can be swiftly carried out. An in-house radiology facility means that if required, a CT scan can be done on the same visit as your consultation, which will significantly reduce your wait time for treatment.

Early symptoms of tumours could include red, or white patches inside your mouth, or a sore that doesn’t heal. More subtle signs may be thickening of tissue, problems with swallowing, or a sore throat which won’t go away.

Whether your symptoms are initial, or advanced, when you visit our Harley Street clinic, a maxillofacial consultant will discuss them in detail. Knowing exactly how you are affected and how you feel is important.

Your consultant will also discuss wider medical history and carry out a physical examination. Any tissue tests, or scans required to support their insight will take place on the day, or be promptly arranged.

Experience and knowledge are at the root of good diagnosis, although using the latest technology can help. Part of ensuring an accurate, personal treatment plan where needed.

Treating Jaw Growths

Treatment will be individual, according to your medical needs and diagnosis of the type of cyst, or tumour. Discussion will have taken place on the nature of your condition, the best options and outcomes.

There are cases where medication can assist, although for the majority of conditions, surgery will be the best, long term option.

A minimally invasive approach is always taken and in many cases, carried out in our day surgery. Where a hospital stay is required, we have arrangements in place with leading London private hospitals.

Should removal of a tumour require additional support, from dental implants, to reconstructive surgery, this is carried out in house by our specialist team.

Where curing a cancerous tumour needs radiotherapy, or chemotherapy, often alongside surgery, this will be arranged. As will support from medical professionals in any required field.

Our wish is to ensure you receive the finest care and this is promptly put in place. Allowing your time and concerns to be focused on your wellbeing.

Care At Harley Street

Whether you have a small cyst, or a tumour which is invading your jaw and surrounding tissue, the same level of care applies. Led by a maxillofacial specialist, with the support of fine, in house facilities.

The core aim at our London centre is improving your health, alongside preserving your appearance and the natural functions of the area your jaw centres on.

From your initial appointment, through treatment and follow up care, every aspect will be built on your needs. Good medical treatment should be about the person involved, by all means get in touch to find out how we help.