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Mrs Catherine Sternberg

Consultant Oral Surgeon BDS FDSRCS CertMedEd GDC no: 69527

Four years after qualifying from Birmingham University in 1993, Mrs Sternberg was accredited as a specialist. Becoming a consultant oral surgeon only twelve years later in 2009 reflected her dedication to patients.

Oral surgery is quite personal treatment, with the jaw, teeth and gums an integral part of life and of us. How a consultant approaches diagnosis and treatment can be as important as the practical path.

The ability to help patients feel comfortable with treatment enhances successful care. Helping nervous patients relax is particularly vital and an area Mrs Sternberg dedicates time to, along with her natural empathy.

A reputation for solving difficult medical problems brings Mrs Sternberg many referrals. Her surgical skill is a key reason but so is her approach and being able to offer wide ranging treatment.

Serving Complex Needs

Oral surgeons deal with multiple aspects of oral health. Removing difficult broken, damaged, or impacted teeth can be part of this, or treating tumours, cysts, or other changes to the mouth’s soft tissues.

Consultants need to be experienced in offering a range of sedation and of working within a hospital, or clinic setting. Their knowledge of the nerves and blood vessels in the region is crucial to avoiding damage.

Accurate diagnosis is part of this, including use of the cone beam scanner at our Harley Street clinic. An area where Mrs Sternberg brings valuable expertise, having carried out research into computerised tomography.

Her work alongside our orthodontic specialists on complicated tooth removal, or exposure helps our patients achieve the smile they want. As does the advice she is happy to share with colleagues across the medical field.

This helps in house and beyond. Mrs Sternberg served as a Regional Advisor & Training Programme Director for the Dental Foundation and an examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons of England and Edinburgh.

Individual Support

Keeping her knowledge up to date matters to Mrs Sternberg, as a member of the British Association of Oral Surgeons, yet the extra steps she takes on every case are what truly help her patients lives.

They could visit because of impacted wisdom teeth, buried roots, for soft tissue surgery, or much more but the same ethos will apply. The care Mrs Sternberg takes on pain, or stress relief and explaining treatment.

Patients of all ages are welcome, from children, to senior adults, as is anyone with medical issues requiring a unique approach. Mrs Sternberg will give every patient the time and support they require.

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