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Dentoalveolar Surgery

The alveolar bone surrounds and supports our teeth. Treatment by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon can be required and is known as dentoalveolar surgery.

Although the alveolar is part of the jaw, there are specialist techniques for the jaw itself, such as orthognathic jaw surgery. A realignment procedure, which may be for medical, or aesthetic reasons.

Another condition with dedicated treatment is temporomandibular joint disorder. This may not be surgical and focuses on the small but vital joints which allow our lower jaw to move as we would wish.

Dentoalveolar surgery covers the wider variety of issues with your teeth, gums, jawbone, or other bony, or soft tissues of the mouth, which can require specialist intervention.

This could be for difficult extractions, or impacted, or misplaced teeth. Cysts, or lesions within the oral cavity may need diagnosis and treatment, the ground work for other types of treatment can be best suited to a dentoalveolar surgeon.

There could be a need to better prepare for the fitting of dentures, or for placing implants. Perhaps bringing on the normal positioning of an unerupted tooth, or other work in support of orthodontic care.

A surgeon can also assist with abnormal tissue growth, or carefully take a biopsy for analysis. For all procedures, they will have knowledge of how nerves can be affected, including the dentoalveolar nerve.

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Diagnosis / Assessment

Personal Consultation

Your consultant surgeon will naturally discuss any risks to nerves with you, along with your dental and medical history. They will want to know how you feel about treatment and what you wish to achieve.

Dentoalveolar surgery in our London clinic is focused on the individual, to relieve symptoms, cure conditions and most importantly, looking to the future.

Where required, a physical examination will be backed up by x-rays, or other modern imaging techniques. Tissue, or bone analysis can play a part, whatever is required to form a detailed treatment plan.


Dentoalveolar Treatment

Anaesthesia is likely to be required and can be agreed in discussion with your surgeon. IV sedation, a local, or general anaesthetic are all available and can be appropriate to differing procedures.

Our day surgery unit will be fine in most cases. For complex tooth, or root removals, or treating other conditions, such as growths on the jaw, or soft tissue.

Where this is a need for hospital care, perhaps for significant dentoalveolar trauma, we have admittance rights at leading private hospitals nearby. The care and facilities there are exeptional.

Having leading skills at our Harley Street clinic is equally helpful, treating alveolar conditions is an important part of facial surgery. If we can help in any way, please get in touch with our friendly staff.

dental procedure

Any questions? Please get in touch on 020 7935 8627 or make an appointment. We’re here to help.

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