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Facial Trauma Management

Protecting Key Needs

Trauma to the facial region is significant. The main location for our senses, our visual and audible communication, taking in food, liquid, or air.

Facial injuries call for close inspection of your mouth, teeth, eyes, nerves, arterial system and underlying bone structure. Including your jaw, which is critical to the function and shape of your face.

The psychological impact of serious facial damage can be devastating, a key component of personality and body image has changed. Stress levels, self esteem and social relationships will be affected.

A combination of needs require support from maxillofacial consultants. Specialists in treating facial injury, along with appreciating the concerns of their patient, family, or friends.

Individual Diagnosis

Each of our faces are recognisably different, so treatment should be. Following diagnosis which combines the latest science and professional expertise.

Whatever the cause of facial trauma is, a detailed physical examination is important. X-rays, CT, or other scans may be used, to build a picture of the complex bones and tissue within your face.

Your consultant will want to talk about your injuries and medical history, along with how you feel, how life is affected. Consistently taking time to appreciate your viewpoint brings good support and clarity.

This is added to by being honest with you. Expectations should be realistic, you should know how long is needed to complete reconstruction, the likely number of surgical visits, how much disruption, or discomfort they could cause.

The trauma to your face might dicate other tests, from the nerve system, to tissue analysis. We still believe that the best way we can help is a combination of openness and creating the most effective treatment plan possible.

Treating Facial Trauma

Whether your injury is minor, or substantial facial trauma, the same skills will be available to treat the damage. With a multi disciplinary team in house, every aspect is covered, although your care will be led by the doctor you know.

Our maxillofacial consultants are highly trained surgeons. Able to carry out soft tissue repair, bone, or tissue transplants, realignment surgery, dental surgery, plastic & aesthetic surgery.

Where additional facial support is required, temporarily or permanently, choosing the finest materials is important. For treatment planning, successful surgery and long term compatibility.

Our surgeons knowledge of ancillary conditions and facial development also matters. The objective they share with you is to look to the future, to provide treatment which is fit for a lifetime.

Maxillofacial surgeons can be asked to support colleagues and patients immediately after an accident, or at a later time. You are welcome to see how specialist staff fit into the facial trauma pathway and the skills they add.

Care At Our London Clinic

Facilities for oral & maxillofacial care are first rate, in terms of practical and technical provision. These include a day surgery unit, where a remarkable amount of care can be carried out using the latest techniques.

The central London location is accessible and in cases where a hospital stay is required, we have admission rights at leading private hospitals, which are not too far from Harley Street.

Our ethos is based on partnership, between a patient and those treating them, the treatment is yours. If you would like to discuss any needs with friendly, knowledgeable staff, please get in touch at any time.