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Specialist Oral Surgery

A Dedicated Profession

Surgeon in operating theatre

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is a medical specialty, covering diagnosis and treatment of any condition in the mouth, or jaw, which requires surgical intervention.

Other surgeons, or dentists can carry out routine oral surgery, although complex care should be provided by specialists. They will have the developed skills and experience to support you in the right way.

The finest oral surgeons will naturally be skilled in theatre, although their knowledge also counts. Built through involvement in research, education and providing high level treatment.

Their abilities can be required for broken, or buried teeth which are difficult to remove. along with wider jaw surgery. Or the restoration of key oral functions, or correcting unequal growth, or trauma damage.

Treating Complex Physiology

The chemical, or physical processes involved in the function of our mouth and jaw are amongst the most complex in our body. They can help to define us in a visual sense and are also vital to life.

A specialist oral and maxillofacial surgeon is there to try to see all functions are in balance and contribute to your overall health. They provide treatment for:

  • Natural variation, or trauma related damage in your teeth and jaw.
  • Buried teeth, including recalcitrant third molars (wisdom teeth).
  • Oral cancerous growths, along with reconstruction when required.
  • Non cancerous polyps, tumours, or cysts within your mouth, or jaw.
  • A range of further soft tissue surgery, within the oral cavity.
  • The underlying causes of swelling, facial pain, or poor function.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons may treat crowded, or misaligned teeth alongside an orthodontist. Orthodontic procedures can require the exposure of buried teeth, careful extractions, or other helpful procedures.

All Round Support

Adults, adolescents, or children can require oral surgery and are welcome at our specialist London centre, as are patients with complex medical issues. Oral surgery can be part of treating facial pain, disease, or infection.

Up to date, supportive techniques are available, from in house radiology, to 3D modelling to help plan your surgery. Surgical facilities at the clinic are excellent and we have good relationships with leading hospitals if required.

All our consultants are able to offer a breadth of options on sedation, although their approach is the key. Procedures are carefully discussed and explained, to help you feel comfortable with treatment.

Oral surgery at our Harley Street clinic is about the patient and their health, by all means contact us if we can help.