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Using Medical Insurance

Approved Consultants

The video from one of the providers we work with shows how valuable medical insurance can be. An approach we support, our clinic and consultants are approved by all leading UK companies.

Using insurance for specialist medical care is quite normal. Our consultants are fee assured, which means they do not charge over and above the insurance company rates.

Patients should find that eligible treatment will be covered under the terms of their policy, although making sure is worthwhile.

Medical Insurance Procedure

If you are considering paying through medical insurers, we recommend you talk to our staff, who will be happy to offer any advice required.

We may have an arrangement where your company is invoiced directly. Even then, talking with your insurers first can help, to confirm policy terms and appreciate any nuances, such as excess clauses.

You may need to visit your GP, to complete part of the claim form, or if your insurers require a referral letter. You will still be free to organise your own appointment as you wish.

Once the claim is under way, your insurers could issue a pre authorisation code before treatment begins. If they do, letting us know can be helpful.

Overseas visitors may be covered by ongoing medical cover, or some types of travel insurance. Levels of cover should be carefully checked with your insurers, prior to commencing treatment.

Identical Treatment For All

Administrative details matter but the key point of insurance is to offer the chance for you to be treated and put medical issues behind you.

Harley Street Maxillofacial Clinic always provides treatment on the basis of need and the best path for you. Your chosen method of payment makes no difference to the support you are offered.

Medical insurers tend to be equally supportive. Because they care about their clients and having the best treatment often saves further treatment in the future.

If you are not used to using medical insurance, don’t worry. This is straightforward and allows you to visit the clinic of your choice. If we can help with making arrangements, please get in touch.