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Dental Implant Procedure

Whilst fine materials will always be used, procedure and the stages involved can vary. Dental implants have come a long way since their invention in 1952 and are now an established, versatile treatment.

Earlier forms of treatment included subperiosteal implants, placed between the jawbone and gum. Zygomatic implants are another adaptation, where the cheekbone is used as a base, rather than the jaw.

Both were created to cover cases where insufficient healthy jawbone existed, the first has now ceased to be used and the second is rare. Alongside the development of implants, techniques for bone augmentation have improved.

Restoring, or regenerating bone so that implants can be supported helps ensure success and is quite common. This could be to expand the ridge of your jaws, a sinus lift, or bone grafts in other areas.

Core Objectives

The objective of dental implant treatment is to mimic nature. Once a titanium implant is in place, this will fuse with your jaw, helping the bone to remain stable. In effect, the implant replaces a natural root.

This allows a purpose made crown, or any number of replacement teeth to be put in place. They are as near to having your original teeth as any dental treatment can be, with the same function and cared for in much the same way.

A third objective is in a sense the most important, personalised treatment. The combination of an implant specialist’s experience and precise 3D imaging helps ensure an individual solution, rather than just generic implants.

Treatment At Our Clinic

With any surgery there can be risks, from infection, to fractures, although the success rate of dental implants is high. Not least when careful planning is adopted, alongside an ability to analyse the anatomy of your jaw.

Treatment decisions and implant procedures at our Harley Street clinic are provided by a maxillofacial surgeon. A consultant with dedicated knowledge of assessing and treating all oral hard and soft tissue.

They also understand alternative techniques for dental implant treatment, such as an example in the video below. Above all they will get to know you, from medical history, to your wishes, for a personal solution.

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